Our Story

Enjoyment for Everybody

Our company was founded out of love for my husband, Jim, and can be traced back to a tradition I started 32 years ago when we first met in Japan. From our first Valentine’s together, I would always give him a box of chocolates. Our relationship was built on exploring the foods, cultures and customs of each other’s heritage. Our love of cooking and tasting wonderful food grew more and more as we got to know each other. My husband grew up in the U.S. eating his mom’s fabulous home cooking featuring foods from Thailand, France, Mexico, and Italy, she also baked incredible desserts and homemade breads! I grew up eating traditional Japanese home cooked meals that were thoughtfully prepared and provided a healthy diet with organic ingredients. We are a couple who are passionate about food and sharing it with friends and family. After we moved to the United States, our children were born, and they became a part of our Valentine’s Day chocolate tradition.

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A few years ago, Jim had an appendectomy which left him unable to digest cane sugar and enjoy the sweet treats that I had baked for him, and he had always loved. I searched everywhere to find a box of sugar-free chocolates to give him for that first Valentine’s Day following the surgery, but I didn’t have any luck finding anything that tasted great.

Encouraged by my son, Sean, we worked hard together to perfect our confectionery and chocolate skills and eventually created sugar free chocolates Jim could eat, ensuring that the Valentine’s tradition I began all those years ago in Japan would continue! We then began making them for friends and family, and were met with rave reviews about how delicious these chocolates were and this is how Sakai Chocolates was eventually born. Sakai is my Japanese family name. It is a very old family with a powerful history, and we wanted to keep its name alive in a way that would also honor that tradition. Our logo is the family crest, which means honor and duty.